Challenges of the CFO

Dec 01, 2021
7:30 am to 12:00 pm
Wells Fargo Plaza
7900 Xerxes Ave South
Floor 2 – Training Room
Bloomington, MN 55431

7:30 - 8 AM Breakfast and Registration
8 AM - Noon - 4 sessions

Join us for this in-person professional development session on the challenges CFOs are facing in this current climate. Bring to this session the challenges you are facing or seeing on the horizon as we expect engaging conversation. 1 CPE will be available for each session (4 total available) - you will need to attend each session and sign the attendance sheet to receive CPE. 

8 AM: Attract and Retain Talent: Creating a People-First Workplace

Talent Shortage, The Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffle – take your pick. The trend is people are leaving their roles at a faster pace than ever before. As of October, there are still 10 million job vacancies across industries. Companies are getting creative with new ways to hook talent, but many are thinking too short-term. Join this panel to hear from CFOs and CHROs about how their companies are taking a people-first approach to talent, leaning into employee needs, investing in people strategies, and more. Presented by Salo.

Topics covered will include:
* Unique challenges companies are facing around attracting and retaining talent
* Examples of people-first approaches that drive long-term improvement  
* Insights from both the finance and HR perspective with CFO and CHRO panelists

Moderator:  Yee-Ling Supik - Business Development Director, Salo
Dave Rust – CFO, Salo
John Hudson – CFO/COO, Sentera
Dawna Bowman – CHRO consultant, Salo (currently at Revo Health)
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9 AM: Real Estate 2.0 - The Impact of Labor Analytics on Corporate Real Estate Decision-Making

With a changing composition of the labor pool, how closely are real estate and recruiting decisions connected in order to win in a post-covid world? Join us for an engaging and fast-paced panel discussion, moderated by Jim Vos, Principal of Cresa Minneapolis.  

Topics covered will include:
· What Labor Analytics tools provide insights into the current and future job market?
· How are Labor Analytics being used in corporate real estate decision-making?
· As a first-mover in committing to occupy iconic space in the midst of the pandemic, how did EY use Labor Analytics in its re-commitment to downtown Minneapolis?

Moderator: Jim Vos, Principal of Cresa
Toby Dayton, CEO of LinkUp, a leading provider of products, services and insights into the current and future job market,
Sue Grimm, Principal, Cresa Minneapolis / Global Portfolio Client practice, and
Meg Paschall, Principal - People Advisory Services, EY Minneapolis
Emcee:  George Boyadjis, CPA, former National Board Chair for FEI and Vice President with Cresa Minneapolis

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10 AM: Business implications of a Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in the working patterns of employees on an unprecedented scale. The success of remote working has forced or encouraged many to rethink the traditional office working policies to maximize employee wellbeing and retention.

In this session, BDO leaders Eric Nelson and Greg Schu will speak to the business, tax, security, and people implications of a remote workforce — as well the potential risks associated with such an arrangement. 

Greg Schu, BDO, Partner, Cybersecurity - National PCI Compliance Lead
Eric Nelson, BDO, CPA, Tax Office Managing Partner
Ronii Rizzo, BDO, Expatriate Tax and Payroll Services Managing Director

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11 AM: How to Make Predictive Insights a Reality

As companies are shifting from legacy systems to the cloud, accessing and analyzing data is still core to a finance leader’s job.  It may sound unrealistic or too futuristic to use your data for predictive insights, but it’s now a modern reality.  Organizations are using their data to garner predictive analytics that can provide real financial value to their bottom line as well as their competitive advantage. 

During this session eCapital will discuss how predictive insights can be made a reality for your organization and ways to get started as a finance leader.
Lisa David, Partner, Owner, eCapital Advisors
Ryan Koehler, Analytics Practice Leader, eCapital Advisors

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1 CPE will be available for each session (4 total available) - you will need to attend each session and sign the attendance sheet to receive CPE.





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