Statement from FEI in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy:


Your Chapter leadership wants you to know:

  Your Chapter leadership wants you to know:

Minnesota ranks 39th out of 50 states in the portion of blacks who have a college degree; 45th in the portion who are employed in the labor force and 48th in the portion who own homes, according to the American Community Survey conducted through 2017 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Minneapolis data shows that nearly 60% of the city’s white families owned their homes last year, while only 20% of blacks did.

The 2019 median white family income in Minneapolis was $99,500, but only $28,500 for black families.

Given these racial disparities now, how will the Twin Cities cope in 2040 when people of color comprise 40% of its population?

As one of your Board members said, “These statistics shocked me and frankly blew me away as I have always had a vision of Minneapolis and Minnesota as being very progressive.”

These grim statistics – and their implications – are one of the reasons why your Chapter launched several Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, beginning in 2012, including establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Council, and creating new relationships with the Center for Economic Inclusion, the National Association of Black Accountants and others. FEI members Angelica Imhoede, David Milton, George Boyadjis and Judy Wright have been instrumental in leading these initiatives with the assistance of many other FEI Members and FEI Strategic Partners.

While your chapter has begun a journey toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization, the initiatives above must be magnified and new initiatives developed in order to end institutional racism and advance economic inclusion.

In the wake of the George Floyd tragedy, FEI National has established a new Task Force to meaningfully contribute to developing solutions that address the ongoing issues of race, inequity and equality, including those reflected in the statistics shown above. One of your Chapter Board Members, Judy Wright, has volunteered to serve on this Task Force, and your ideas, interests and volunteer energy are welcome as well! Please share your thoughts on this with Judy or with any of your Chapter’s leadership. Our Executive Director, Brad Pappas, can help you make connections here.  

You may be asking yourself, “I’m just one person… what can I do?” or “How can I make a difference in addressing these systemic issues across our society?”  If this sounds like you, please reach out to Judy, Brad, or any of your Chapter’s leaders, and we will help you learn, connect and lead!

FEI Twin Cities Board of Directors
Brad Pappas, FEI Twin Cities Executive Director